International festival of DIY and independent short film




Among the spices, Tamara Drakulić currently looks for (many other things, too, but also) her own way to a satisying degree of independence in her expression – for which she tells that it will, or perhaps not, be materialised as a film some time again. She made four full-length films, both fictional and documentary, and in the last two years, the possible next one is being cooked in a kitchen currently called Little Box, along with vegetarian lunches.


Graduated film editor and documentary film director (Victoria, 15; An Apple and Two Cherries). She won the award for the best editing at the Beldocs festival, as well as the “Marko Glušac” award for the best aditor at the Auteur Film Festival in 2020. She collaborated with Atelier Varan documentary film workshop, as a professional editor. Among the films she edited, her favourite is “Rampart” by Marko Grba Singh, premiered at the Locarno Film Festival in 2021, and screened at the Stanford University in October 2022.


Founder and editor-in-chief of the Student eFM radio from Sarajevo. Besides with radio, he deals with TV and film too, programming TV shows for the children and youth. He co-founded video production of the Association for Cultural and Media Decontamination, specialised for documentary and short video forms for the children and youth. He was one of the authors of the UNICEF publication “Media in the Child’s Best Interest”.

He collaborates with the Summer Film School Šipan, literature festival “Na pola puta” (Halfway), “Školegijum” magazine for a just education, and “Nomad” web portal. He is specialised for workshops dealing with media pedagogy, literacy and practice, for all ages of participants, including youth, educators, and civil society activists. When he has some free time, he makes short, documentary and one-minute films. He “plays” by studying life techniques, and acquiring experiences for which he mainly has no idea what to do with.



Born in Novi Sad, in 2000. Studies Digital Arts at the Faculty of Media and Communications in Belgrade. At her short-limbed age, she has become infected with filmmaking, at which she excelled so extremely that she had to be recruited for the festival’s jury, in order to stop her winning too many consecutive Mikropolis awards. She maintains her inner balance by playing synth and guitar, and taking some photos when opportunity occurs.


Sergej Danilović Stančić is a seventh-grader living in Mirijevo. He attends the music school, department for percussions, as well as the comic strip workshop „Đorđe Lobačev“ (mentor: Vlada Vesović). He loves the animals, comics, metal and noodles, and he watched Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” at his pre-school age, because he wanted to see a female robot.


In 1997, while studying film directing at the Dunav Film School, he participated in launching LOW-FI VIDEO project, and was an active member of this movement during its first four years.  Since 2015 he runs Knjigoskop, a blog and readers’ project dedicated to the literature for children and young adults. He has a podcast covering civic activism in Serbia, and is expert in counting participants of mass gatherings, protests and rallies in Serbia and abroad.