Checks, Shu, 9:47, Russian Federation, 2020

On the eighteenth birthday, parents take Styopa out for a conversation and bring him a box of checks, demanding that he covers all the expenses they have incurred during their son's life.

Schlöppmann's Hat, Christine Nippoldt, 6:48, Germany, 2020

An artist in struggle with deadlines, clients and his children.

Lysistrata: Attack from Acropolis, Fjorida Cenaj, Poland, 2020

The film Lysistrata: Attack from Acropolis, is a comedy/drama, that takes place in Athens in the 5th century B.C. , during the Peloponnesian War. It is based on Aristophanes’ comedic play Lysistrata. Fed up with the long war between Athens and Sparta, the women of ancient Greece, led by Lysistrata, decide to go on a sex strike and lock themselves up in the Acropolis. With a mixture of ancient and modern elements, a fusion of Greek and Polish culture, it was created in the style of the cult genre and gives a experimental feeling. This film was originally adapted for the stage and work began to create a performance with a group of local seniors from the University of the Third Age. A team of European Solidarity Corps volunteers (living and working with the socially engaged art association: Teatr Brama) selected this piece to work with this group to embrace female sexuality, body positivity and to combat age related stereotypes.

Tissue, Hyuri Constâncio, Brazil, 2020

A woman gets trapped in her own apartment with an unknown presence. Unable to call for help, her only choice is to face the unknown head on, but this presence may be something far more sinister than she was anticipating.

Baroque, Chrysa Koutrakou, Greece

Mairi and Vasilis meet in a waiting room. As they wait, love strikes and art plays a huge role in their relationship. In a film that starts as a comedy about love and ends as a documentary about relationships, art will show its real impact in life.

Fyodor, Milo Bonnard, 4:09, United Kingdom, 2020

Fyodor, a lovestruck concierge, longs to return a glove to the woman it belongs to.

Treadmill, Alejandra Saldivar, 1:00, Mexico, 2020

A little man loses control of his world during a workout session.

Rahmat creel, Behzad Alavi, 1:40, Iran, 2020

Rahmat bagheri is a retired man that other people called him RAHMAT CREEL... Every week he is going near a lake around the ZANJAN city to fish out as other hunters but his hunt is different with others...

Death in the Time of Quarantine, Logan Fry, 4:00, Unated States, 2020

Bill Watkins didn't believe that coronavirus would ever claim him, but when he dreamed of his own funeral, was it prophetic? Would the virus claim its prize?

When touch can cause death.
laughter spread disease,
communion cause disunion,
what joy is left in the world?
Let us dream not of death,
but take joy in life’s richness.

Summer Daydream 2020, Lisa Kimura, 1:29, Japan, 2020

“As a filmmaker, I was interested in the fact that people have different memories and images of music. This is my first attempt at creating a music piece.
I wanted to express "remembrance" in a way other than flashbacks, through visual effects.I hadn't had many experiences of enthusiastically discussing a film with my friends. Maybe it was because I was afraid that I could see the difference between myself and the other person, for example, if they didn't like something I thought was good, or if they liked something I didn't like.
For that reason, I would often say, "That was interesting," even if it was something I didn't like.In the meantime, I thought it would be interesting to watch an image and talk about old memories and get to know each other, rather than just like or dislike it. I began to wonder.This is the film I shot with that question in mind.”

The Maths Teacher, Nadia Barbu, 8:08, Romania, 2020

Does school prepare you for adult life? Does hardship build character? A personal and unconventional documentary about a teacher who left deep scars on the psyche of his former pupils..

Shipwrecks, Eduardo Moreno Fernández, 6:08, Mexico, 2020

Shot in lockdown and with a cheap cell phone, "Shipwrecks" is a one-man film by award winning director Eduardo Moreno Fernández about loneliness during the COVID-19 times and its everlasting consequences.

59 Days, Zina Papadopoulou, 5:00, Greece, 2020

Coronavirus. Staying Home. Three Kids.
Stephanos 3 years old, Dionisis 5 years old and Sotiris 9 years old. They can't see their grandparents. They don't go to school. A diary. A small documentary.

Mad Mask - Fury Roll, Stéphane Berla, 1:30, France, 2020

I made a "viral" video at home during the french confinement.

The Universe According to Dan Buckley, Roberto Santaguida, 9:30, Canada, 2019

In the beginning, there was nothing. You can get nothing easily.

`Updated, Aivaras Požaitis, 2:22, Lithuania, 2020

Short experimental film exploring relation between media and reality. Feeling as living in matrix which you couldn't escape. Almost everything in this short was made by one person on a budget.

Petra the Vampire or “What I do in self-isolation”, Alex Maximov, 8:18, Belarus, 2020

The pandemic ruined the plans of ordinary people as well as … not ordinary beings. An honest story about the life in self-isolation. Please meet Petra the Vampire.

Not a Robot, George Summers, 1:00, United Kingdom, 2020

A robot tries to break into a human facility, and is asked a security question...

Out with the Old, George Summers, 7:26, United Kingdom, 2020

A wooden doll is left behind when a family moves house and treks through the world to get back to his dollhouse - but trails a clingy stuffed elephant.

Silence, Hidenobu Oishi, 5:30, Japan, 2020

As we become adults, we become buried in a world of given interpretations. People then refuse to open their eyes, and their field of vision is closed off from the outside world.

Minus the hair, Pin Sangkaeo, 3:34, Thailand, 2020

A short film on the notion of female body hair in the capitalist society.

Lament, Kimberley Wells, 2:57, Australia, 2020

A poetic snapshot of a woman dealing with being separated from her family during the COVID-19 pandemic

Bound, Gustavo Arteaga, 1:06, United Kingdom, 2019

We are bound to the choices we make.
What goes around comes around.
A take on the legacy of ocean pollution.

Behind The Cloud There Lives A Sun, Kumar Mayank, 15:00, India, 2019

Waiting near the bus stop to take her son to a family gathering out of the town, a victim of domestic violence silently questions her way of life.

Banaras Wilderness, Kumar Mayank, 5:45, India, 2019

A short film documenting the feel and rhythm of Banaras (a holy city in India) and the idiosyncrasies of its people, weaved to the ‘Ghost Song' by The Doors.

This Summer, Galina Chakarova, 1:30, United Kingdom, 2020

A young woman is working from home in isolation, when she falls into a daydreaming state reminiscing about the summer.