Prestige, Zahra Ahooei, 14:55, Iran, 2020

Mahsa, is an Iranian woman TV presenter. She sings and post her videos on Instagram anonymously. As a result of this, Mahsa faces a challenge during one of her shows so she needs to decide between leaving the country and loosing her job…

Bulletes of Baptism, Zivar Hojati, 10:00, Iran, 2019

Trying to eliminate the effect of sins in his life, the fat man kills himself several times so that he changed in to another individual…

Raya, Sepide Berenji, 13:38, Iran, 2019

The nine-year old Raya and her family are supposed to evacuate their home. However, Raya believes there always exists a solution for anything.

Talker, Mehrshad Ranjbar, 12:53, Iran, 2020

For many years an old woman has kept her sick husband until one day this habit ends.

Anima Russa, Andrei Ivanov, 12:19, Russian Federation, 2020

How does Russian province live? Or is it even alive? People immigrate from villages more and more. What is the future of people living there? Anyway, there's something magical in Russian village, especially in winter.

Mysophobia, Ilya Demutsky, 07:26, Russian Federation, 2020

A detective investigates a crime, the only witness of which is a robot vacuum cleaner.

The Movement, Roozbe Kazemi, 14:49, Iran, 2019

A family hold a fake funeral ceremony. Their purpose is moving some drugs. They put the drugs inside the votive food’s dishes. By this work they get away the drugs from the police’s protected area.

11 Minutes, FM Lemos, 14:10, Brazil, 2020

A stranger. 11 minutes. 660 seconds that could be worth a lifetime. On a night that was supposed to be a celebration in a restaurant for the couple Beta and André, everything seems to change with the arrival of an intruder. Pedro brings news and revelations that can turn Beta´s world upside down..

Pipo and Blind Love, Hugo Le Gourrierec, 13:16, France, 2019

In a dezhumanized world where emotions are rationed and measured by a gauge, Pipo, a factory worker falls in love with a woman sitting on a bench. He will try anything to attract her attention and seduce her with his own « language ».

A Day in the Life of a Boy, Niklas Bauer, 14:24, Germany, 2020

Autistic boy Daan has a unique perspective on the world. His little sister Millie struggles with his sometimes strange behaviour and the lack of attention she gets from their single mother. When Daan accidentally kills her pet bird, emotions overflow - will Millie be able to be there for her brother despite it all?

Girlsboysmix, Lara Aerts, 06:30, Netherlands, 2020

Girlsboysmix is the first documentary ever, made from the perspective of an intersex child. It relates the story of Wen Long (9). At birth it was not clear whether she was a girl or a boy. Many such children are operated on at a very young age, in order to 'make' them a boy or a girl. Wen Long did not undergo such surgery. Her parents felt their child had to decide herself what sex she wants to be. Wen Long is very happy that that she can choose. But nevertheless it is not easy. Being intersex in a binary world, Wen Long wonders: where do I belong?

6.87 inches, Tony Cheung, 13:46, Hong Kong, 2020

“I directed this film, 6.87 INCHES, after my friend William tell me there is a very special crack climbing route in Hong Kong call “Lama Crack”, me and William know each other for many years, I know him work so hard for earn money for travel/climb around the world. On the other hand, I watch couple of climbers climb the Lama Crack and can not finish it, I realise that this route is special and definitely not for the beginner climbers. So i have decided to shoot / record how William finish this route in between work, training and climb.”

Noi siamo la note (We are the night), Adriano Ricci, 3:09, Italy, 2020

In a dark street of the capital, Leonardo walks home when his attention is caught by two girls, Alice and Lucrezia, intent on fighting. One is trying to break up with her girlfriend but the other one doesn’t want to. At the same time, Melissa is leaving a restaurant when she notices a young couple, Federico and Miranda, who continue to kiss while they enter a building. Melissa and Leonardo, both distracted, collide and fall in love at first sight. The two walk in silence, one behind the other, on the road without talking to each other even if they would like. Meanwhile, Alice manages to leave Lucrezia while the young couple is in the bedroom making love. At the end of the road, Leonardo and Melissa separate and the opportunity to get to know each other fades but, suddenly, time comes back giving everyone a second chance to make peace, to know each other and make love again.

Night talks, Abdullah Rajab Almalla, 6:00, Germany, 2020

Even after forty years of happy marriage sometimes harmony is disturbed much quicker than you may think, even in times of coronavirus.
So, it is good to have friends who even listen to you in the middle of the night and help you to focus on the essentials.

Reach for the stars, Thomas Stempfle, 4:08, Germany, 2020

Music Video for the song "REACH FOR THE STARS" by "STEMPF".
It's the year 2028. 4 convicts (Donald Trump, Wladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un and Xi Jinping) are send on a mission to Mars to place life support systems and to establish a vital link for future maned missions to Mars in return for a reduction of sentence time...

Today Is Friday, Mohammad Ahangar,14:00, Iran, 2020

The Rotation, Hazhir As'adi, 7:00, Iran, 2020

There is a war between two tribes on claiming the sun in the sky. As a result to that war, sun annihilates and the volcano erupts. Those two tribes now are dead and a new sun is made, both by that lava. Several century will pass and the humans are still in a war to claim the sun in the sky.

The Last Dream of Kabuki, Wanderson Dos Santos, Fini Maza, 5:00, Colombia, 2019

The Last Dream of Kabuki through a XII century Japanese style poetry highlights the passion, honor and death of our main subject connected to present day.
This visual poem shot in a dreamy landscape it shows us the inner struggles and demons that we can all relate to.

Snow Shelter, Robertas Nevecka, 16:09, Lithuania, 2020

Frigid winter in a war-devastated, present-day city. Several years have passed since the destruction, and the city is slowly rebuilding. A thirty-year-old guy is living as a squatter in an apartment with a group of strangers. He struggles to survive and also to find a little more comfort in this rough setting. One night he nearly burns the flat down, hoping for a warmer sleep. His roommates start hating him, so the guy has to find another shelter.

Malakout, Farnoosh Abedi, 11:24, Iran, 2020

Music was his passion...
Love was his masterpiece...

Black Cherries, Unni Rav , Addi Ajmani, 3:28, Unated States, 2020

Black Lives Matter!
(Black Lives Matter is a decentralized political and social movement advocating for non-violent civil disobedience in protest against incidents of police brutality and all racially motivated violence against black people.)

Don't Text Back!, Kaye Adelaide, Mariel Sharp, 14:30, Canada, 2020

A woman seeks the help of an energy healer to rid herself of a cursed necklace that strangles her every time she doesn't text back her bad Tinder date.

Good Morning, Bartosz Kozera, 15:00, Polan, 2020

It's that day when you get out of bed with half a century on this planet behind you, and you don't want to figure out any longer what your story should be about. You place a stool in the middle of the room, take a rope, put a noose around your neck and... It turns out that sometimes trying to end yourself is just the beginning. Usually of a new misery.

Give it back!, Ruchama Ehrenhalt, 14:14, Israel, 2019

Olivia just moved to Israel from New York. Throughout her first day of school in the 6th grade she tries to survive, navigating through the new country she just landed in, her new school and new peers, unsure where she will end up at the end of the day.