Support „My Close-Up“ – inclusive film club for youth

In Serbia, more than 5,500 children under 18 are currently without parental care. They have a lot to say, they are talented and ready to struggle for their position within the community.
We must not leave them alone!

We are filmmakers gathered in the beginning of 2017 around a mission: we want to support and encourage young people, victims of domestic violence and living in poverty, to alert their community to the problems they have to cope with every day. Members of our film club have made five short films to date, along with many short film exercises – but above all, they have been fighting for equality, developed self-confidence and faith in the society they live in.
We give them skills and tools to tell their stories.

In order to develop our club’s capacity to serve all those interested, we need some more film equipment, venue for regular meetings and training of new collaborators. Our fight for the future of children grom vulnerable social groups can continue only with your support. Your donation is precious to us because each contribution helps building bridge between the society and young people who are unjustly marginalised. We have witnessed both potentials and desire of those young people to build that bridge. Let’s give them hand!

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Thank you!

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