The project “My Close-Up” consists of inclusive film workshops focusing on burning issues concerning young people from vulnerable social groups. Teenagers aged 13 to 18 learn about the basics of the film art through this program. The goal is encouraging them to critically observe their surroundings and think about the engaging in the community, decision making, growing up, tolerance, future, and their talents and potentials. Through the film language, the participants articulate the subjects occupying their thoughts, with their own short films as a result. With a regular approach to cultural and artistic content, we strive to educate participants as an audience, while we also trying to motivate the cultural institutions to include similar inclusive practices into their own programs.





The second series of “My Close-Up” workshops was organized at the GriG center, with the support of Jelena Santic Foundation.

Previously working with adolescents from high-risk groups, we have recognized that, while young ones are being constantly exposed to media content and digital technology, they are keen on creating media content by themselves, to approach it critically, and give it social context and aim. This year, we have explored the possibilities of documentary film form with the participants. “Wider Picture” included film workshops for young people from vulnerable groups who are using digital language to present their everyday life to the general population.

During the several months of learning, socializing and filming, we have made a documentary collage film „Our spot”. The film deals with the subjects participants have defined as important for their nearest environment, as well as for the wider community in which they need to integrate.