Smart USB, Ivan Kalmeta, 2:02, Croatia, 2020

During his daily dose of scrolling through social media, the protagonist comes upon an ad for an interesting gadget. Without thinking too much about it, he decides to buy the gadget which as it turns out can do the impossible. At the end it turns out everything was just a dream, or was it?

Ada, ili, Tijana Mamula, 15:00, Serbia, 2020

This is a film about: a photo that never got developed; two books I haven't read; the desert; the river; a screenplay; some dreams.

August, Iva Mašić, 10:10, Serbia, 2020

The film is about a girl who has to go on a math remedial exam and the way she spends her time before the exam.9

Prokletstvo, Vojislav Stojsavljević, 6:49, Serbia, 2020

Will the time that comes erase empathy entirely?
In our present time, clicks, likes, comments... have become more important than the humans. Everything has to be recorded and published at the Instagram network, because likes must not lack. As a part of this whole madhouse we live in, through this film I tried to find (myself) the answer to the question “What happens when we become passive observers of the (evil) deeds in our community?”

Hiraeth, Mislav Pislak, Ivana Abramović, 10:54, Croatia, 2018

Winter is a period of year when most tourists visit Zagreb. The ones who don't fit into the city's idea of Christmas spirit suddenly disappear... or that's how it seems. "Hiraeth" focuses on two of them - a couple, Ilija (32) and Kristina (20) who, after her mother kicked them out of her home, have to find their way on the streets and take care of themselves, while putting their trust into the hands of strangers.
Every morning they wake up in a cold abandoned wagon, not always the same one. They have two weeks to hang on before getting monthly money from the system of social care. They are already making plans about finding and renting a flat they could live in freely, but first they have to stay under the police radar, but also under the radar of the same underworld they have become a part of.

The Light of Kargyraa, Mihajlo Malešev, 12:44, Serbia, 2020

Surreal film about light of Kargyraa that persecute young actor with its miraculous strength.
Kargyraa stands for the deepest tone of Mongolian throat singing.
Film crew tries to catch the actress.

What does my grandma dream of, 1:48, Natalija Milojković, Serbia, 2020

Retelling your dream to someone is letting them into your most intimate place, into your subconsciousness. The same thing can be very complex, impossible to comprehend, and reduced to its simplest form. What can a dream tell you about someone?

Sat, Aleksa Mitrović, 10:48, Serbia, 2020

The protagonist comes across the clock drawings around the house that reminds him of something, but he can't figure out what it is.

Girls, where are you?, Darko Vukić, 15:19, Serbia, 2019

“What interests me in films is something extracted and driven from experience enmeshed as docu-fiction and self-exploitation narratives, and ends up as something that we could call 'revange movies' on the line of the cinema of transgression tradition.”

Major '67, Iva Ižak, 10:01, Serbia 2019

In 1967 Ljubiša buys the first TV set in his village, so he could improve his position in the community. But he can’t imagine how this act will change his life.

Batali, Jovana Lazin, 10:07, Serbia, 2020

Stefan is an ambitiuos guy, trying to enroll the art academy. He doesn’t have his father’s support, which generates conflict. But his mother is here to try to fill the gap.

Growing Up, Jana Švarc, 11:15, Serbia, 2019

After her father’s death, small girl Nađa has to grow up quickly and take his position, so someone could take care of her younger brother and help him cope with the loss.

Prozor kroz prostor sad, Stanislava Paunović i Emilija Vučićević, 3:28, Serbia 2020

“Window Through the Space Now” is a short, experimental, lyrical travelogue, an audio-visual associative guide through oneself from the room. By showing fragments of the footage recorded in the last more than two years, the perception of our own memory is being examined – as a chain of interwoven analogies, where each new combination gives a new meaning. This film is just one of many possible constructions of memories: what I am thinking now, what is not happening to me now, and where I would like to be.