Lost city, Sara Radusinović, 10:20, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Biljana Radusinović ( 43 ) is facing a long forgotten memory of the place where she was born and where she lived for the first 18 years of her life. Osijek, a city she left beacuse of the war in Yugoslavia that spread there in 1991. Is there a way for a young peson of only 18 years, to deal with the war, leaving the only home she ever knew for good and separating from family? All these inner conflicts will be shown trough the diary of Biljana, my mother. A diary she was writing in 1991 following her departure from Osijek. Now so many years later she will finally go back to Osijek, more importantly she will visit her old apartment that is now turned into a clothing store. Will she have the strength to walk up into her old home, where all her childhood memories still live on, or will she give up and leave the past behind it’s walls?

Life, Nenad Teofilović, Serbia, 2018

Life is a short story that foregrounds the issue of human existence.

Let there be colour, Ado Hasanović15:00, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2020

On September, 8 2019 Sarajevo hosts its first Pride March. Are people ready for this event?

The Voice You See, Gasper Markun, Tadej Koren Smid, 09:28, Slovenia, 2020

Past or future. Surely an apocalypse and surely a romance. In the wet forests of a world which is not completely healthy, two persons meet. Humans are not a common being for some time. Is the price of communication still too high?

Seven Lessons on Letting Go, Dragana Nikolić, 05:24, Serbia, 2020

Poetry video made on poems by Mehmed Begić with music by Basheskia.
"Instinctively I choose a black and white world, even though I dream in color", poet gives instructions, some lessons are never learned.

You know what i have nightmares about, Aglaja Filipović, 14:45, Serbia, 2019

Sunny and Hannah are living together in the big city. Sunny is aspiring actress and she's intensely preparing for her new play to premiere. Hannah is dealing with her own demons alone.

I'm Calling Your Father, Leon Ristov, 12:00, Macedonia, 2020

When 16-year-old Damjan gets jumped by neighborhood hooligans, his hardheaded mother comes up with a plan to protect him.
Partly a satire on privilege, and part family melodrama, "I'm Calling Your Father" tackles gender roles and intergenerational violence in the developing North Macedonia.