Strange Documentaries: Sky Over Belgrade, Andrej Tomin, 14:05, Serbia, 2020

Three stories inspired by different phenomena in the world. Through the lens of a documentary-style camera, the film deals with three different themes that take place in Belgrade.
First story: How to properly consume milk?
Second story: Objectophilia or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Lamp?
Third story: Artist

Hipnopod, Petar Bačkonja, 2:23, Serbia, 2019

A journalistic picture of the deep ocean creatures.

Telesni lavirint, Petar Bačkonja, 1:00, Serbia, 2019

Tiny little spider explaining his life in a mysterious maze – which maybe is not that mysterious as it seems.

13 stepenika, : Lazar Bačkonja, 1:01, Serbia, 2020

A film about a toboggan under the home circumstances.