10-13. October 2019

“Any form of art is a form of power; it has an impact, it can affect change – it can not only move us, it makes us move. ”

– Ossie Davis

After reviewing hundreds of films from all of the continents, the selection team of the MikroFAF Festival has selected 67 films to be screened in the competition program during the four days of the festival’s tenth edition.

The competition categories are: do-it-yourself film, independent film, junior film and, special category: POWER FILM. This category is here to remind us of perseverance in the face of difficult challenges, the power of the art, the power of the individual, and the power of the community focused on their mission. Of course, power can be misused, threatening, dangerous. Films that reflect any of these aspects of power in an original way will compete for the Mikropolis Award in this category.

Since this is the tenth edition of the MikroFAF Festival, our POWER is that we have persevered in our intention to promote independent creativity, limited creativity, young authors, and current film and social phenomena. We have accumulated this strength and power over the years thanks to valuable authors, guests, friends and loyal audience.

On this behalf, this year we will gather for four days at Museum of Yugoslav Film Archive, October 10-13. You will have the opportunity to view the competition program, as well as to attend the numerous side content of the festival.

Jury of the 10th MikroFAF


Sasa Radojevic is a screenwriter and director from Belgrade. Screenwriter of short films by Goran Gajic (“In a Whirlwind of Passion” and “The Seventh Day”) and by Dinko Tucakovic (“Letter”, 1997). He is the author of several books on film in which he mostly reflects on American cinematography. He was an assistant director on Teo Angelopulos’s “Odyssey’s view?”. Co-writer of feature films by Milutin Petrovic “Land of Truth, Love & Freedom” and “South by Southeast”. Director and screenwriter of “Kisses” (2004), “Narcissus and Echo” (2011), “Marked” (2015), “Family” (2015) and “Alexander” (2019), as well as screenwriter of “Doctor Ray and the Devils” (2012), “State” (2013) and “The Loop “(2014). He has published movie reviews in the daily and weekly newspaper.


Saman Hosseinpour was born in 1993 in Sakez, a Kurdish part of western Iran. He started appearing in plays as an actor at the age of 14, and has been making film since 2008. He has studied graphic design and film, and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in film studies in Iran. He has directed and written seven short films that have been listed in over 500 international selections and have won over 40 awards. He has participated in over 30 film projects as a screenwriter, editor, cinematographer, director and assistant director. His film “The Last Embrace” screened at the 9th MikroFAF Festival 2018. Saman writes short stories in parallel and volunteers for journalism. Shortly before joining the 10th MikroFAF Festival, he participated as a jury with our neighbors at the Kosice Festival (Slovakia): 25th Golden Beggar International film Festival.


Visual artist – set designer, born on May 1, 1981 in Belgrade.

He graduated in 2005 in film and theater design from the Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Belgrade. From 2006 to 2018 he taught at the Faculty of Arts and Design, and from 2018 he is an associate professor at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts.

In addition to scenery, Stevan creates visual concepts for films, illustrates movie posters, draws and paints. He has a large number of solo exhibitions (UK Parobrod, Štab, Museum of Yugoslav Film Archive, Polet …) Worked on a number of film projects. He is also engaged in the creation of short film forms for festivals in the former Yugoslavia, from idea through directing, camera, editing and sound editing. He is one of the members of the organizing team of the Serbian Fantastic Film Festival. He is the creator of the festival’s visual identity as well as the festival’s awards itself – KOSKAR aka OSKULL.

Junior Film Jury


Jelena is 19 years old and graduated from Svetozar Markovic High School in Novi Sad. She has been involved with her films at the MikroFAF Festival since her primary school days, and for two years in a row has been the recipient of the Best Home-Made Film Award (2017 and 2018). The only way to stop her from bringing the Mikropolis statue home this year was to invite her to the jury. In her spare time, Jelena has been making short films, photography, playing guitar, and more recently, making music.


Aleksandar Gubas is a middle-aged man who has been working with children and young people for three decades, which is why he has difficulty growing up. In addition to being one of the founders and veterans of the Low-fi video movement, the author of numerous documentaries and low-budget films, Gubas also runs a blog called “Knjigoskop”, dedicated to literature for children and young people. This year,  his first SF novel for teens “Gaiba” was published. In late summer of 2019, this versatile creator launched “The Boiling Point”, a weekly podcast about protests in Serbia.

Selectors of the competition program

Filip Cetkovic – a lover of genre film, program editor of the cinema “Mala Sloboda”, leader of MKC Kombinat

Galina Maksimovic – playwright, co-founder and president of the Zrenjanin Cinema Club, activist and occasional film critic.

Antun Gverovic – designer, cinephile, Jeti in the band Skier and Jeti

Ivana Djordjevic – art historian, art lover, curator

Marija Rodic – film director, head of Satibara, festival director, founder of the inclusive film club My Close-up


10th MikroFAF: Power Edition

Official selection

Benches, Boris Obrenovic, 06:06, Serbia, 2019

Fly, fly … confetti!, Lаzar Backonja, 01:30, Serbia, 2019

Boxer, Damjan Petrovic, 06:38, Serbia, 2019

On the other side of the camera, Luka Borozan, 07:47, Serbia, 2019

The ambition of Zarko Trkelj, Bijelic Matija, 06:41, Serbia, 2018

Under The Blade, Javid Farahani, 14:51, Iran, 2019

50 push-ups, Pavle Mijanovic, 07:17, Serbia, 2019

The Cart and the Fox Witch, Melissa Lavabre, 01:21, France, 2018

Heroine from the hood: Dragana Djapic, BeFem, 06:44, Serbia, 2019

1.9E377, Gabriela Ilijeska, 08:00, USA, 2019

Obstruction, Nikola Savko, 08:31, Serbia, 2019

Slap inc., Stevan Stanchevic, 05:59, Serbia, 2019

Bookanima: Dance, Shon Kim, 07:31, Korea, 2018

Black Forecast, FFVAL – Group work, 02:35, Croatia, 2019

Parting, Mina Petrovic, 14:00, Serbia, 2018

The Searcher, Bojan Josic, 03:21, Serbia, 2019

I Hate The Sun, Fabris Shulin, 07:20, Slovenia, 2019

Nomophobia, Ado Hasanovic, 14:25, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2018

Sometimes it’s easier to kill somebody else, E. Ruzic, L. Eterovic, 07:18, Croatia, 2019

Impasse #2, Filip Markovinovic, 01:00, Serbia, 2019

God, Me and Audience, Nazmi Egemen Aydoğan, 04:39, Turkey

Evening of Poetry, Sasha Brkic, 11:05, Serbia, 2019

New Era, Yasha Levin, Igor Martynov, 03:09, Russia, 2019

A Net To Catch the Light, Erin Espelie, 08:00, USA, 2016

Paris-Saint-Lazare Station, 10 April 2017, 12h03-12h07, Pablo-Martín Córdoba, 04:26, France, 2017

The Piano Teacher, Ryan W. Daniels, 03:55, Sri Lanka, 2019

First Kiss, Stanko Gagrchin, 07:00, Serbia, 2018

Mthunzi, Tebogo Malebogo, 08:35, South Africa, 2019

The American Bull, Fatemeh Tousi, 14:30, Iran, 2018

Between Two Enemies, Marko Crnogorski, 11:02, Macedonia, 2019

Chickens, Bryian Keith Montgomery Jr, 12:24, USA, 2018

Pulezans, Bozidar Sekulic, 06:42, Croatia, 2018

Flying Fishes, Mohammad Towrivarian, 14:38, Iran, 2018

Not Acceptable, Saman Haghighivand, 01:59, Iran, 2017

Only … some nonsense, Lazar Bachkonja, 02:02, Serbia, 2019

The Man Who Could Fly, Jaroslav Klimesh, 10:10, Czech Republic, 2018

Comfortable Position, DRF Children Animation Studio, 04:12, Uzbekistan, 2019

Before Darkness, Mosayeb Hanaie, 14:30, Iran, 2019

Fur, ZVVIKS – Group work, 02:59, Slovenia, 2018

Selfie, ZVVIKS – Group work, 05:06, Slovenia, 2018

Colourless, Rob Terrestrial, 03:14, United Kingdom, 2019

Phoet – Symmetry Breaking, Ezra Capogna, 05:15, Italy, 2019

Unmasked, Sophia Quigley, 03:30, USA, 2019

Crowded, Nathania Rubin, 06:02, Netherlands, 2019

Blue Peter, Marko Shantic, 14:28, Croatia, 2017

Ballad of pipe and necklace, Martin Babic, 12:00, Croatia, 2018

Milk Dream, Peng Xue, 09:51, China, 2019

Sorry, Alistair Nicholls, 01:00, United Kingdom, 2018

Dream of a Dream of Love, Novak Antonijevic, 11:35, Serbia

Birthday Party, Amir Salimkhani, 05:51, Iran, 2019

Lucky Luke, Dagomir Kaszlikowski, 03:15, Singapore, 2019

Mishko, Hanis Bagashov, 15:00, Macedonia, 2018

The Unusual Bath of Mister Otmar, Niko Radas, 14:53, Croatia, 2019

Animal, Bahram Ark, Bahman Ark, 15:00, Iran, 2017

Between the Cuts, Dushan Brkovic, 10:00, Serbia, 2018

The Place of Happiness, Aliosha Massine, 15:00, Italy, 2019

Breedery, Neven Lipovac, 10:15, Serbia, 2019

Embraces & the touch of skin, Sara Koppel, 02:42, Denmark, 2019

The Female Worker, Julia Wycisk, 15:00, Germany, 2019

Sundarban – The Hopeless Story, Raja Dey, 12:38, India, 2019

The Noisy Silence, Agostino Fontana, 14:00, Italy, 2019

Soma, Sandra Jovanovska, 09:05, Slovenia, 2019

Franka, Hrvoje Wachter, 05:46, Croatia,2019

The Driver, Rob Terrestrial, 04:20, United Kingdom, 2019

Hanged, Roqiye Tavakoli, 12:55, Iran, 2019

Gorgonyan, The Slime Channel, 05:51, Germany, 2019

The Animator, Trent Shy, 01:19, USA, 2019


The festival is organized by the Satibara Association from Belgrade, which is also celebrating its tenth birthday this year, with support from The Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.