We are a voluntary, non-profit and non-governmental organisation, founded for fighting prejudices and discrimination through the art of film, promoting film activism and raising awareness of the importance of art and culture for a healthy society.

Our main goals are:

affirmation of film culture and creative freedom in film, as well as every human being’s inalienable right to filmmaking, regardless the gender, age, skin colour, profession, sexual orientation or film preferences;

film education through festivals, seminars and workshops

connecting with similar initiatives from former Yugoslav countries, for renewing and redefining the ex-Yugoslav cultural space;

connecting with similar initiatives worldwide.

Satibarais a member of the Association Independent Culture Scene of Serbia.

Since 2010 Satibara was one of two co-organisers of MikroFAF festival, and in 2016 it has become the main organiser. To date, MikroFAF gathered more than 300 film makers from all over the world, and thousands of visitors at its events in Serbia and other countries.

Since 2017 Satibara organises „My Close-up“ — the inclusive film workshop for the youth from vulnerable groups, who are offered opportunity to work with film professionals and make films with them.

In accordance with the declared principles, Satibara members never give up when facing difficult production circumstances. That’s why Satibara production has brought many short and documentary films, screened at Serbian and foreign festivals and televisions.

In line with our mission of audience development and fight against elitism, all Satibara programs are free of charge.

Awarded Satibara films:

– Fanzines from Mars by Siniša Dugonjić: Grosman, Ljutomer, Slovenia; DORF, Vinkovci, Croatia
– Flirt by Marija Rodić: Film Front, Novi Sad, Serbia; MitOst Festival, Leipzig, Germany
– Shelter by Marija Rodić: documentary film made in co-production with the Group 484: International Festival “We and others”, Prijepolje, Serbia
– Unconquered Town by Satibara: InTrashFestival, Pančevo, Serbia
– Anxiety Express by Siniša Dugonjić: Montreal Underground Film Festival, Canada; Amateur Film Review, Zagreb, Croatia; Film Front, Novi Sad, Serbia
– Golden Delicious by Marija Rodić: Voyage Bleu Festival, Belgrade, Serbia; Film Front, Novi Sad, Serbia
– Weaning Of by Marija Rodić: Femix Fest, Belgrade, Serbia
– Speech by Marija Rodić: Film Front, Novi Sad, Serbia; In TrashFestival, Pančevo, Serbia;The International Short Film Festival SHORT FORM, Gornji Milanovac, Serbia
– Vegan’s Dream by Marija Rodić: Film Front, Novi Sad, Serbia; In Trash Festival, Pančevo, Serbia
– The Rift by Marija Rodić: Serbian Fiction Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia; Zum Goldenen Hirsch Festival, Mannheim, Germany

International festival of DIY and independent short film


“Forget about being an expert or a professional, and wear your amateurism (your heart, your love) on your sleeve. Share what you love, and the people who love the same things will find you.”
Austin Kleon


Amateur film is an unavoidable part of the film history, and it takes new spaces and develops in many new, exciting ways with the growing accessibility of digital technologies and social media.
Since 2010 MikroFAF works as a festival platform that closely follows dynamic development of non-professional creativity, gathering DIY film authors and opening room for all inspired filmmakers who create under restricting technical and financial conditions. Through its programmes, this festival promotes and celebrates creative freedom, being focused on enthusiasm, DIY spirit, guerrilla film, art brut, lo-fi, experimental approach and self-initiative.
The main segment of the whole MikroFAF project is the international film festival, with side activities like specialised screenings, workshops, panels, exhibitions… This project has non-profit character and entrance to all festival events is free.
We try to inspire people of all backgrounds to learn and make experiments within the framework of film art, strengthening in this way the independent art scene together with the MikroFAF team. Our festival entries differ very much by the form, approach and topics covered, but many of them share similar engagement and passion in addressing social issues transcending boundaries of countries and regions.
This festival is competitive, with the main award (called Mikropolis) being given to the best DIY film and the best indie film. The third category is thematically specialised and it changes every year. Awards are given by the festival jury, composed of distinguished professionals related to film and other arts.

MIKROPOLIS symbolises utopia of the city imagined as a common space for everyone who seek fulfilment of their cultural and social needs and desires. This is a free space for micro art – artworks made under micro-production circumstances (low budget, small number of participants, limited technical conditions) and realised as micro forms: short films, stage performances, songs, haiku poetry… Mikropolis is a “city” open for everybody: professionals, amateurs, amateur art fans, accidental passers-by, searchers, invited guests… VISIT US!

MikroFAF platform is active throughout the whole year, initiating experience exchange among the artists who do not create for profit, as well as their meeting and gathering together for the education, collaboration and maintaining the flame of non-profit creativity.


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With the award giving ceremony and screening of the awarded films at the Museum of Yugoslav Film Archive, the 12th MikroFAF has finished on November 14, 2021. This year the festival was held as Limbo Edition, being focused on Continue reading

12th MikroFAF: Limbo Edition

12th MikroFAF: Limbo Edition

November 12-14, 2021, Belgrade, Serbia

12th MikroFAF, entitled Limbo Edition, will be held on November 12-14, at the Museum of Yugoslav  Film Archive in Belgrade, Kosovska street 11.

This year’s festival edition is focused on films searching for Continue reading

12 MikroFAF – Selection

12 MikroFAF – Selection

12-14.11.2021, Museum o Yugoslav Film Archive


Official Selection


SINKING/FLOATING, Rob Terrestrial, 09:47, United Kingdom, 2020

LAND OF DISTRICTS, Andreas Gruetzner, 04:36, Germany, 2019

DAYS OF THE LAST DEATH, Logan Fry, 06:13, United States, 2021

IN THE Continue reading




Limbo Edition

In 2021 too, MikroFAF opens room for everyone interested in film, especially those ones who create in restricted conditions. Through various programmes we will promote art freedom, by focusing on independence, Continue reading



13-15TH November 2020

We are happy to invite you to watch the MikroFAF program from your home.
You can choose to watch more than 100 short films in the competiton and side program from all Continue reading